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BOK Corpus


The BOK corpus is made up of knowledge present in Brussels, told by people with different life experiences. Since the beginning of its existence, BOK has hosted dozens of “bodies of knowledge”, a body of work that continues to live and grow.


BOK Curegem (September-November 2020)

Hasni - The occupation of the Somali embassy (by an undocumented rights activist, himself undocumented) in the 1980s

Ola & Benson - Moshood Abiola: A life story and the strive for democracy in Nigeria

Hocine - Learning, between school knowledge and street knowledge

Chaïmaa, Alisa, Oumayma - A conversation on violence and aggression, and what to do when you’re a witness

Ola - The importance of creating one’s own style

Martin - Stereotypes in sports and how to play with them

Ali - The Heyvaert Oasis: how to create green spaces in Cureghem

Smaïn - Healing yourself with plants when you live in the city

Shadia - The right of working in a non toxic environment, also when you are young

Jean-Bernard - Learning to look through drawing

Said - How learning a technical skill helped me leave Irak and discover Europe

Jacques - The Black Panthers Football Club: the history of the African-Caraiban-Pacific team in Brussels

Ndack - Surviving and living with little money

Ophélie - How can school teach us to discover who we are

Lamarana - Learning through helping others: stories from a teenager

Mouhamadou - Dealing with structural discrimination

Rqia & Maria - For a more economical and ecological daily use of water

Ouzna - From mother to daughter, healing yourself with plants in Algeria

Jean-Baptiste - Love with a big L and how to practice it

Kader - Squatting to survive in the city

Aissa - Between information and engagement: how to go fight against prejudice as a journalist


BOK Résistance (Février 2021)

Mustafa - The Homeless Cup: football as an anchor point of life

Mel - Meditating in your daily life

Sérigne - Boldness as a tool for resilience

Taoufik - Multiplying your sources for better information

Clara - Passing on family values from father to daughter, without speaking

Hanane - Defending our atypical child against educational institutions, as a mother

Yasmine - How to get out of a toxic relationship with social media ?

Thibaut - How to inhabit empty spaces: the example of the old Atlas Brewery

BOK Josaphat (March-June 2021)

Marie-Rose - Kikongo, the mother tongue as a way to reconnect with the past

Samia - For the good mental health of our institutions

Otman - How to"systemize" yourself as a newcomer (owning your mistakes)

Claudia - Fighting poverty through the collective

Soumaya - Being part of an extended family (and how to keep nurturing it)

Déborah - The pandemic as an opportunity to construct one's agency

Fanny - Defending your visually impaired child against educational institutions

Katrien - Leaving the world's noise behind and finding yourself through walking

Alice - Listening and learning from your friends to fight everyday discrimination (practicing allyship)

Georgia - For an inclusive discovery of the world (for people with and without disabilities)

Rqia - It is endurance and courage that lead us to our independence

Saidou - Mauritania, the country of 6 communities and 1000 poets

Evariste - Africa, a customs officer's perspective

Céline - Accessing the inaccessible: the voices of prisoners in closed centres

Maud - The female body caught in patriarchy: the example of endometriosis

Féé-niks - Dancing to free your body and society

Taoufik - The "Green March": the last decolonial struggle of Morocco in Western Sahara

Aicha - Caring for your body and your autonomy through breathing: a daily practice

Akissi - Akissi, a name to remember the Baule-Ashanti people

Philippe - Ornitology and wildlife at Parc Josaphat

JoleinThe wild pollinators of the Friche Josaphat

Anouchka - Love as a tool for activism

Sanaë - Born in the junk of the Marolles

Castélie - Forming a collectif, pooling rescources, rekindling desire

Valéria - Polyamarous living

Gabriel - Learning from your grandmothers: the oral transmission of memory

Lien - A different rhythm than the others: living with chronic fatigue

Pierre - Working with- and not against nature: making space for biodiversity

Souhaila - Hijabi and future teacher: teaching different history, differently

Katherine - Things are not how they seem, reality is different (living in El Salvador)

Jean-Baptiste - The Radical Fairies: a sanctuary for queer people

Drissia - Slamming your young misfit voice "out of the box"

Avril - Regaining sensation after rape

BOK Telephone Mai 2021

Sarah - My family history (why I can't go to a Catholic school)

Mina - How to cope with a bad day?

Christelle - Why to love yourself

Marine - The technique of the white rabbit (dare to socialise)

Cassandra - How to stop police violence

Zion - What life chooses for you

Lucasz - Acceptance, the biggest time saver

Swi - Happiness is...

Patrick - Introduction in to the Manga industry

Noemy - What do you do with all your imagination?

Janne - Burlesque: a dance where the men don’t have the power

Rafael - How I was happy in life in Belgium and Ecuador

Rania - Stopping to "overthink"

Ismaël - How to defend yourself, physically?

Mathias - How skateboarding changed my life

Klara Lièn - New Year in the Chinese tradition, and other family rituals

EliasHow to raise your children to become loving human beings

India - Positive Thinking

Sara - Why did I become vegetarian?

Gisele - How to resist the abuse of power?

Victoriane - How to have more empathy

Laura - Evolving in your identity and your style

Raphé - How to educate people through music, without telling them waht to do

Kasia - Being a witch in modern times

Arta - Something beautiful is hidden behind ordeal, a lesson in patience

Célia - Learning to have dreams and to guide them

Zayn - Speaking from the wisdom of my 22 years

Léa - How to get through the "during" and the "after" bullying at school?

Nathan - Filling the void with more imagination

Margaux - Questions about childbirth

Oscar - Opening up to other understandings of the world through Gore

Beyza - How to argue well: the exemple of free sanitary pads

BOK tent - Jacques Brel (Septembre-December 2021)

Akissi - Wisdom as a tool for justice in the Baoulé tradition

Daoud - The struggle of a shepard's son, from Djibouti to Belgium

Nicolas - Dealing with chronicle pain (the rare example of cluster headaches)

Pia - Against food waste and for benevolence: l'Epicerie Libre

Tiziana - The union of needs and wants, or how to turn money into trust

Mel - Meditatie om naar jezelf en de wereld te luisteren

Sonia - Obtaining the recognition of paternity: a Congolese-Belgian story

Marine - Returning to the source with Chinese medicine (the path to balance)

Chantal - Saga of a happy borderline person

Taslim - Ten years of struggle of an undocumented person

Beyza - Why sanitary pads should be free ( A feminist rethoric)

Féé-Niks - Circle to share dreams, and to stretch your imagination

Collectif Y'EN A MARRE - How to accompany an undocumented person through administrative processes

Amel - How to rethink 'work' when you have no financial security

Isabel - Taking control of your own health with essential oils

Flaka & Talu - Unlearning patriarchy in activism: the example of squats

Mathias - Practising listening when you are used to being in the centre

Ednan - Transforming the structural injustices we are born into: a story from Kurdistan

Fadila - Breaking down prejudices to get closer to your neighbours (the experiment of Café Solidaire in the Cité Volta)

Kasia - Daring to express yourself: the explorations of a young witch

Juliana - Reinforcing our connection to ourselves and to the earth (energetic healing)

Şeref & Gamze - "Is the rose rose?": Singing multilingual music as political/cultural activism

Aicha & Nisrine - The 'Mam's de l’espoir’ (moms of hope), the 5 blocks and their homework school

Valéria - Polyrelation, or how to live love without hierarchies

Boris - Deconstructing a heterosexual norm with male thermal contraception

Awatif - Fighting (without subsidies) for solidarity with homeless women: the example of ‘Job Dignity’

bodies of knowledge - Claiming public space for the exchange of non-dominant knowledge (in a tent)

Zapatistas - Learning in indigenous, autonomous municipalities in rural Mexico: listening to Zapatista’s voices on education

Mam's de l'espoir - Fighting structural injustices in mainstream education – as mothers

Kim - How to pursue your life as an adoptee by reconnecting with your roots (in Korea)

Maria - Knowing or re-knowing your unconscious heritage as an adoptee: the story of a weaver and her Bolivian origins

Arife - The central place of women in the Kurdish liberation movement

Sarah & Marie - Drawing courage from the revolution in Rojava: the experience of internationalist women

Sarah - Opening your ears with ‘anarchic listening’: concert by and for everyone (with crash course)

Sarah - Learning to speak the languages of the immigration: the commitment of a self-taught Instagrammer

Sylvie - Creating a utopia of solidarity in the city: the example of the La Poudrière community

Cintia - Sport as an anchor in the storm: some practices to take care of yourself as a resilient woman

Zeynep - Uniting international forces to counter sexist violence: the example of the Istanbul Convention

Aziouz - Testimony of a journalist on the situation of democracy in Algeria in the 1990s

Valéria + invité·e·s - Discover medicinal plants to learn about self-care and how to heal yourself

BOK - Reading of extaordinary tales for young and old

Ruth - Singing together as a source of joy: small choir for every-one

Kaouthar - Telling the History by deconstructing racist prejudices: Tunisia from antiquity to the present day

Nathalie - Writing to exist in the storm: a mother's story by her adopted daughter

Max - Self-management of menstrual flow is possible

Luisa - How to gard one's own limits in the "service" or "care" professions

Agnes - Solidarity as a way to emancipate from dependencies

Ingrid - Psychiatry vs. isolation: some intimate thoughts on the need for alternatives

Le collectif des Madres (session longue) - How to fight police violence in our neighbourhoods

Amine - Europe as an illusion of a new El Dorado: the immigration of a "lost" generation

Jamil - Coexistance and reconciliation in Jammu and Kashmir: informing yourself and spreading the word

Rim - The occupation of Gécamines: resisting the violence of the colonial system through collective emancipation


Big BOK Multiplication (13.03.2022)

Porn process - Self-management and self-education for a pornography that liberates

Chantal - Comment l'astrologie a décapé ma vie english

Margarita - “La mort est pour les vivants” : rituels mexicains du réconfort et d’exploration du deuil

Chérine & Samira - Gentrification dans les quartiers populaires : passer du trauma à la thérapie à l’avenue Stalingrad

BOK Bergen 

BOK Tenace (14.09.2022)

Hussein & Yassine - How to find the strength to survive as you are looking to obtain your papers

Sarah - Learning from the everyday life at Allée du Kaai as a female person of colour and socio-cultural worker

Céline - Practical information for people in exile and those who want to support them: exchange with an activist from Brussels


BOK Ghent

BOK Learning Days Ixelles (September-October 2023)

Aminata - When you are a stateless Black woman

Mohammed - Solidarity is in our DNA

Rabah - 8 years as a streetworker around the South Station

Edoardo - Working towards balance and harmony : a way out of addiction

Deborah - My experience as a volunteer accompanying people in prostitution

Bruno - My poetic cosmology through colours, crazy is something to dance to

Juhyun - How to be "yellow", an artist and a mother in Brussels ?

Alberto - My drive for the struggle of the Sans Papiers comes from camaraderie

Carlos - Listening to the spirits of the mountain to enhance my political engagement

Mounira - I wear a headscarf, so what ?

Mouna - "Life design" : resources to find out who I am

Lova - How I realised that I am Black

Manon - From victim to survivor, it takes only one step : knowing oneself

Andy - The struggle of Delhaizians : 7 months of strike, and still not tired !

Sultan Ana - Moms of Kurdistan : transforming persecution into revolt

Thomas - How I experience inclusivity, then and now.

Céline - My two early pregnancy losses

Eva - Ripple, for your pleasure

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