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BOK tent

This is the original BOK: A hexagonal, green and red tent. In summer, the sides can be opened, and in winter, the space is heated. It can also be transformed into an urban kiosk, where only the roof and structure remain to create an open-air classroom. The tent can host between 2 and 20 persons. Different “bodies of knowledge” come and share their knowledge in the tent. Every one is welcome to attend, no reservation is required.



BOK on foot

BOK on foot emerged during the lock-down because of COVID-19, in 2021. For more than six months, all meetings outside the family circle were prohibited. What was still allowed was walking, outside, with a maximum of four people. 


During that period, BOK tent was transformed into BOK on foot: a peripatetic school, where one could learn from a body of knowledge while walking.The departure point was identified by a red parasol that meant, in all weather conditions: 'this is a place to learn from each other. '



BOK telephone

BOK-telephone was a switchboard that brought together the knowledge of 35 Brussels youth. At a phone booth located in the gardens of Institut Pacheco, people could call one of the young people to learn from.

BOK-telephone emerged after a long series of workshop with two class groups of Atheneum Brussel and Institut Sainte-Marie, commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts, in the framework of The Class.

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