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This is the original BOK: A hexagonal, green and red tent. In summer, the sides can be opened, and in winter, the space is heated. It can also be transformed into an urban kiosk, where only the roof and structure remain to create an open-air classroom. The tent can host between 2 and 20 persons. Different “bodies of knowledge” come and share their knowledge in the tent. Every one is welcome to attend, no reservation is required.

BOK on foot

BOK on foot emerged during the lock-down because of COVID-19, in 2021. For more than six months, all meetings outside the family circle were prohibited. What was still allowed was walking, outside, with a maximum of four people. During that period, BOK tent was transformed into BOK on foot: a peripatetic school, where one could learn from a body of knowledge while walking.The departure point was identified by a red parasol that meant, in all weather conditions: 'this is a place to learn from each other. '


BOK-telephone was a switchboard that brought together the knowledge of 35 Brussels youngsters, during an entire weekend of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in 2021. It emerged after a long series of workshop with two class groups of Atheneum Brussel and Institut Sainte-Marie, in the framework of The ClassThe audience was invited to visit a phone booth located in the gardens of Institut Pacheco, where they could call one of the youngsters who were answering the calls from their classrooms which had been transformed into callcenters, for the occasion, to learn from them, about topics chosen and elaborated  by the teenagers themselves under the guidance of the BOK team.

The Big BOK Multiplication

BBM was  a unique learning afternoon, during which gathered around fifty ‘bodies of knowledge’ to encounter an audience of about 150 people in Kaaitheater on March 13, 2022. Defying the traditional split between stage and audience, the stage was used as a place to gather together, with the tent in the middle. All of the theatre- including backstage, storage rooms, entrance-hall, foyer, balcony, dressing-rooms, … - was used to host twenty

different ‘learning circles’, each consisting of two different ‘learning sessions’.

BOK Local

BOK Local is a transmission protocol to pass on the experience of BOK in Brussels so that a local team and local partners can create their own BOK in their own city.  BOK Brussels team passes on the methodologies and experiences to the local team, who then facilitates a series of local learning days, spread over several months. The accompaniment of BOK Brussels team throughout the process aims to propose a sustainable way of working while keeping the artistic integrity of BOK through a collaboration relying on the specific context of a specific location.

BOK Learning Days

The BOK Learning Days is a lighter transmission protocol which permits local organisation(s) to build their own temporary BOK and a local learning community in their neighbourhood. During a trajectory of three to six weeks, BOK Brussels team transmits the core of the project to a local community of 8 to 15 participants. This transmission includes our methodologies of  detecting underexposed/invisibilized knowledge, practicing active listening, considering knowledge transmission in its performative aspects, and entering into conversation with people on the basis of knowledge they can share. BOK Brussels team, together with the participants build a four to six days program of public learning days, creating a local corpus of embodied knowledge, which can be shared with a larger audience.

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