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Who's who?

The "bodies of knowledge" are the people who come to share their knowledge within BOK. They learn about BOK through informal encounters and channels. Their specific, often underexposed but valuable knowledge, can potentially contribute towards the transformation of a more just society. You can find a complete list of the "bodies of knowledge" here.

Sarah Vanhee is an artist whose work has been shown locally and internationally for many years. Her indisciplinary projects try to bring radical imagination into reality, moving between civil space and the institutional arts field. She has worked in open fields, private living rooms, theaters, prisons, on public canvases, in meeting rooms, etc., with people of all backgrounds and ages. Sarah initiated BOK as a long-term, local project in an attempt to use civil space as a platform for the exchange of non-dominant, embodied knowledge.  

Flore Herman is a mediator, dramaturg and producer. After having worked for Kunstenfestivaldesarts and with performance artists Anne Thuot and Sara Sampelayo, she continues to be involved in participatory art projects that question the invisibility of certain bodies and knowledges in the Brussels public space. In her work, she likes to see socio-cultural mediation and artistic support as two ways of bringing together actors and life experiences that would not necessarily do so otherwise, and that together could contribute to more social justice.

Joana B. Polge acts in the shows of her friends most of the time. She also authors and directs, and is currently developing a multidisciplinary project on privileges with Céline Estenne. She is involved in queer and activist circles where she tries to invent and facilitate encounters based on mutual care and support. Today she is an artistic collaborator within bodies of knowledge.

Damla Ekin Tokel is a theatre-artist, originally from Turkey and living in Brussels, working towards participation and relationality in the domain of theatre, arts in general and in life. Her efforts in this direction take various forms such as creating performances (in non-conventional or public spaces), organising participatory-creative evenings, using collective creation to accompany non-professionals in their film projects, community-life, guiding intercultural and participatory tours in Brussels, housing and women's rights activism, ...

Caravan Production supports BOK for administration and international distribution. Founded in 2008, Caravan Production is an artistic accompaniment office collaborating with a range of international artists who have a connection with Brussels. These are built on a mid or long term and assuming different modalities according to the specific needs of the artists and the specificities of the accompanied projects.

Board of Managing Directors: Audrey Leboutte, Anne Watthee and Eva Wilsens.

All members of the BOK-team live in Brussels, and their stories are intricately linked to the city.

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