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BOK Learning Days Ixelles

In September and October 2023, BOK proposed a trajectory of transmission, co-learning and co-creation over 5 weeks to a group of participants. We looked at the city as a site where an infinity of knowledge intertwines, much of which remains underexposed or censored. The objective was to encounter and support knowledge present in Ixelles and to create together a program of 6 public ‘Learning Days’ at the tent. The first part of the trajectory took the form of a workshop: the BOK team shared their practices and listening tools developed throughout previous editions, in a spirit of mutual support and co-learning. For the second part, the group turned outwards to experiment in public space. We have met passers-by, neighbours, in the street or in local organizations, to learn from them. Finally, we invited these ‘bodies of knowledge’ to speak in public during the BOK Learning Days Ixelles. Together, we supported their words and brought this temporary, local and free classroom to life. A radical fiction of what a school could be.

BOK team: Damla Ekin Tokel, Flore Herman, Joana B. Polge & Sarah Vanhee

Participants of the creation of BOK Learning days Ixelles: Judith Ciselet, Selim Clérin, Céline De Vos, Mamadou Taslim Diallo, Aurélien Leforestier, Mélanie, Alice Néron, Laura Oriol, Béatrice Wegniez & Oziana Zegers

Thanks to the “bodies of knowledge” who came to share their knowledge in the BOK tent. 

Scenography: Cillian O’Neill

Technique :Théâtre Varia

Production / Administration: BOK vzw asbl, Caravan Production

Co-production & presentation: Théâtre Varia & Le Rideau de Bruxelles

With the financial support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie,  Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the municipality of Ixelles. 

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