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BOK on foot emerged during the lock-down because of COVID-19, in 2021. For more than six months, all meetings outside the family circle were prohibited. What was still allowed was walking, outside, with a maximum of four people.

During that period, BOK tent was transformed into BOK on foot: a peripatetic school, where one could learn from a body of knowledge while walking. BOK on foot was identified by a red parasol that meant, in all weather conditions: 'this is a place to learn from each other. '

With the financial support of: Manyone, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater, BUDA, Vooruit, CAMPO, Noorderzon Festival of Performing Arts & Society,  BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Reykjavik Dance Festival, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts, the Flemish Community, the Flemish Minister of Brussels, Youth & Media, the Flemish Community Commission, the French Community Commission & the Municipality of Anderlecht.

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